Sonalyst | Clay Paky Alpha 1200 Profile
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Clay Paky Alpha 1200 Profile
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ClayPaky Alpha 1200 Profile

Alpha Profile 1200 is the professional beam shaper which combines the technology of the Alpha projectors with an exclusive framing system, designed and patented by Clay Paky. With Alpha Profile 1200 it is possible to achieve any effect you desire using a wide range zoom 10°-30°, a full color system, 14 gobos (6 of which rotating), an Animation effect, a prism.

All the effects can be combined with endless varieties of beam shapes and sizes.
Ultra luminous, extremely silent, with high-tech electronics and software, Alpha Profile 1200 is a precious resource for Lighting Designers who work in top professional environments.



• Metal iodide 1200W lamp.
• Type: HTI 1200W/D7/60
• Luminous flux: 110,000 lm.
• AverageLife: 750h.
• Hot Restrike.


• 10°- 30° Electronic Linear Zoom.
• Electronic focusing.

Framing System (patented)

• 4 Blades that move separately.
• Smooth, flexible blade movements at variable speed.
• A “total curtain” effect made separately by each of the 4 blades, in many shapes and colours.
• F.M.I. effect (Framed Moving Images).
• 90° rotation of the entire system.

Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1200

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